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How do the video sessions work?
How do the video sessions work?
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Click to schedule a session on your app or web dashboard. If you are a brand new client, sometimes the web dashboard needs a second to sync, so we recommend jumping into the mobile app to schedule!

To find a time that works, click on a calendar date in black (dates in grey are not available). Find a time that works (sessions are in 30 minute increments) and click confirm. If you'd like to have an hour long session, repeat these steps and select the time slot directly after your original session.

To enter into the session, wait for the play icon on the session card to turn orange and jump. This indicates your coach has started the session.

If you enter the session before this occurs and your coach is not there, quickly exit out and wait for the play icon. If you are concerned your coach is not there, please jump into live chat ASAP or email If your coach has provided her whereby room, enter as a backup plan!

You can schedule a video session at least 24 hours in advance, and make sure to add your upcoming session to your preferred calendar system. If you have a last minute emergency and need to cancel your session, please let your coach know via unlimited chat or send an email to

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