While our coaches do have their masters in counseling, Blush Online Life Coaching is not the same as mental health counseling.

Life coaching provides encouragement, support, goal setting, and advice. We focus on your strengths, help you create positive habits, assist you getting out of life ruts, and create a game plan for your future. Think of it as a collaborative relationship meant to propel you out of your "funk" and into a realm of success, happiness, and possibility. 

As life coaches, we do not provide medication, we do not diagnose, and we do not write letters for pet support (we get that a lot). We also won't ever try to fix you or focus heavily on your past.

Many of our clients also have therapists and work on both simultaneously, which we absolutely love! Just make sure you are not using Blush Online Life Coaching as a replacement for psychotherapy, as that is not within our scope.

Read more about the differences between mental health counseling and life coaching here!

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