We completely understand that your schedule might change completely during your time at Blush. We can accommodate you a few ways! 

First, always remember that video sessions roll over for one month.

Therefore, if you're having a busy few weeks, you don't need to panic about squeezing in sessions during inconvenient times. Relax, and know that your sessions will be waiting for you when your schedule clears up.

Second, you can always switch to unlimited chat if you are currently on a video plan. 

Unlimited chat-only plans are exclusively offered to current members.

Unlimited chat is schedule-free, so you can send chats whenever you'd like! Your coach will respond during normal business hours once per day. 

Third, if your schedule is completely incompatible with your coach's schedule, shoot us a note at accounts@joinblush.com

Sometimes clients need to switch coaches, and that's okay! We are here to make your time on Blush as convenient as possible. 

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