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Will my coach respond instantly to my chats?
Will my coach respond instantly to my chats?
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To be honest, I seriously hope not!

At Blush, we pride ourselves on authenticity and integrity. That means you are NEVER talking with a bot. You will always be talking to an educated and talented human being - one who also needs her personal time to decompress and start fresh the next day!

We want our coaches to respond when they are at their best, because you deserve the best. 

So while I want you to have a fantastic experience on Blush, I also want everyone to have reasonable expectations. That means chats at 11pm on a Saturday night won't be attended to until Monday, and instantaneous responses are probably not going to be the norm. But anytime you receive a response, please know that was crafted with love, compassion, and a whole lot of knowledge.  

You can safely expect a response to your chat once daily during the week. However, most clients and coaches will develop a healthy rhythm that suits both parties! We trust that the two of you are the best judges of what works for your relationship. 

If you think it's been a bit too long since you've heard from your coach, please feel free to reach out at

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