Chat as much as you'd like with your coach on your own schedule! You can expect a response once per day during the week from your coach. She deserves her "me" time outside of normal business hours just like the rest of us! 

Here are some other tips for unlimited chat:

1. Every coach and client will develop their own rhythm. The longer you work with your coach, the more comfortable you'll feel finding that happy place between the two of you.

2. if you have certain expectations from your coach, tell her. The most intimiate moment in a person's relationship is when they discuss their relationship with the other individual. It's important for the health of your coaching relationship to be totally honest and open with your coach.

3. You do not have to write it all out, all at once. This is a process. Your coach can't address every single thing all at once, either - so feel free to ease into it. At the least you have a full month - and for most clients, way longer - to dive into every aspect of your life. No need to pressure yourself to jump in too quickly.

4. Your coach will address the most pressing issues first. If you're like me and tend to blurt it all out (do as I say, not as I do) - your coach is going to help you organize by directing you toward the most pressing issue first. She will help you prioritize through her responses. She's not ignoring the rest - she's bookmarking it for a later time.

5. My most crucial recommendation is to have at least one video session with chat.

The way I see it, unlimited chat is where the everyday work happens, and video sessions are where the magic happens.

I can't even begin to count the number of "a-ha" moments had during video sessions. Unlimited chat typically works as a booster for those moments. If your plan only has unlimited chat this month - that's okay. This is a process. But I strongly encourage you to consider adding a video session to your plan next month so the two of you can solidify the coaching relationship and jumpstart that trust.

Trust is what makes coaching stick. Trust is what makes coaching work. And video sessions are your shortcut into that realm.

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